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Since Al Furat started to provide commercial services to zaereen of Imam Hussain A.S., It is an honour for us that during this period we have catered thousands of Zawwars facilitating with visa, hotel, food and transportation. We have offered number of packages suitable to all walks of life from budget to executive. As an expansion program and to be able to provide consistent services to each and every individual it was felt necessary to upload this portal, and make Ziaraat convenient at an affordable cost.

We always want to improve our services, so any feedback about our services would be appreciated from groups or individuals.

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Alhamdulilah a best family group. I waa der from 10th apr to 20th apr. Service superb. Pray I go again in de same group-

Company Name : Sarwer Rashid

It was a great experience with Al Furat....very safe and comfortable journey it was....I just returned on 1st Feb- Al Furat Tours

Company Name : Khan Bee

Alhamdulillah....very nice and affordable group, nice people specially Nasra aunty ..... jazak ALLAH...Keep up the great work

Company Name : Masuma Jafri

Mashallah it's an amazing group we really enjoyed thank you so much inshallah allah will give you reward for all the hard work

Company Name : Khyroon Sibtain Moloo
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