Hotel Ahbab Al Abbas – Hotel in Karbala

[box style=”2″ bordercolor=”green”]Hotel Ahbab Al Abbas, Karbala offers 3-star suites while being within 1 minute walking distance from the Haram of Hazrat Abbas (as). This hotel is the best solution for families looking for well-furnished accommodation is Karbala during Ashura, while staying close to the Holy Shrines.[/box] [one_third][box][list icon=”check” color=”green”] [item]Bookings for Ashura[/item] [item]3 Star Hotel[/item] [item]Suites of 3 Beds + 2-3 Sofa-come-beds Available[/item] [item]Less than 1 min walk from Haram E Mola Abbas A.S[/item] [item]Bookings for 8 Nights Packages[/item] [/list][/box] [list icon=”asterisk” color=”orange”] [item]Without Food: $1200/- per Suite for 8 Nights[/item] [item]With Food: $1600/- per Suite for 8 Nights[/item] [/list] [/one_third] [two_third_last] [/two_third_last] [shadow_bottom]

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